Massive Moving Sale Saturday 28th October 2017

Hartley Green Power is moving and having a massive sale. Everything to be “Auctioned Online" Saturday 28th October 2017. Stay Tuned to this web page for more details, Everything has to go...no reserve.

Hartley Green Power is located at 2355 Great Western Hwy, Little Hartley, on the western side, at the foot of the Blue Mountains. We specialise in supply all forms of alternate power, including Wind, Solar and Solar heating. 

  • Solar Panels

    We supply a range of Solar panels for campers to home use.

    Wind Generators

    We supply the best value 10KW wind generator@ $45,000 and many different types down to a 12v 300w model for $600.

     Solar Hot Water

    We sell a range of Solar hot water heaters using evacuated tubes from 200 Litres to 700 litres. Some are low pressure and some are high-pressure heat exchanges. Prices start at under $1,200 up to $6,000.


    We supply batteries and can even have custom-made Lithium battery packs made to your specifications and our own, Hartley Green Power Battery, see Products to find out more.

    Electric Vehicles

    We stock the smallest folding electric bike YikeBike

    The fastest electric scooter in Australia Vespa

    Charles Dalglish built an electric car a few years ago using 45 Lithium Ion batteries. You can have a look at YouTube video he made on the project.

    Pushbike Electric Conversions

    Now we can convert pushbikes to electric using Lithium or Sealed Lead Acid batteries. Conversions start @ $600.

    We also sell the Trike Bike and can covert them to electric power.

    Solar Lighting 

    Huge changes are here.....mainly Power Saving and Longevity

    Yes the original cost is high, but a factory running LED lights will have paid for themselves within 2 years, just on the energy saved 

    Using 20W at home (the incandescent light that gives the same light output as the standard globe) requires 70W of generation at the power station. 

    The simple act of using a different light bulb in one room of your house results in the power station needing to generate 270W LESS! And produce less CO2


     It seems crazy to pay for hot water when the Sun does it FREE for us most days.

    Yes all our systems are from China, because they are way better value and guaranteed

    Prices from $1,400-00